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80306 - Animal
80306 Animal
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boytard, mitts(opt), tutu(opt)& hairpiece(opt)

criss-cross camisole boytard has a zebra stomach panel that links the top to the boy short. boytard is zebra and cheetah velvet with metallic accents. a short black tulle ruffle is under the cheetach ruffle.

optional mitts are cheetah print with metallic bands.

an optional tutu can be added to give ruffle even more volume. And will match the metallic color chosen.

optional hair bow is a smaller zebra bow on top of the bigger cheetah bow banded in the ""color"".

all zebra and cheetah accents stay the same, you change the metallic accent color. shown in pink.

*****prices for qty=1-4!! for groups of 5 or more, call for price quote!